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Sagunto Roman History & Jewish Heritage Tour

Come with your private guide on a Roman and Jewish tour to this under-discovered gem of a town with the largest Roman fortress on the Iberian peninsula

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Sagunto is an off-the-beaten path visit only 25 minutes north of Valencia and fabulous if you love Roman and/or Jewish history or even if you know nothing about either but love a small medieval quarter, great views and castle walls, then this is a great tour for you. Your private guide can focus on one or all of the historical aspects of Sagunto. I have a personal affinity to this town whereas many people do not know its charm so love to share it with my guests!

Sagunto is home to the largest Roman fort still remaining on the Iberian peninsula- an undiscovered gem by most! It played a key role in the Second Punic War in 218 bc and became a proper Roman city thereafter, despite its sacking by Hannibal. During the Imperial Age, its rich families had seats as Senators in Rome and we can see pieces from the remaingin streets, columns and household decoration at the impressive archeological museum, as well as the Via Portico musuem, the most impressive of porticoed streets from the Roman Empire that still remains in Spain. The Roman theatre is also still functioning, although the original ruins can still be seen.

Not only does Sagunto offer an full history of the Roman Empire but in the middle ages, the prosperous Jewish community thrived in the 13-15th centuries, until the inquisition in 1492. A gret deal of Jewish heritage sites can be seen and discussed such as the Jewish mikveh, its rabbi cemetary and of course the small but surviving Jewish gate and neighborhood. This is also the only town in this area where Jewish historical sites can still be seen, although Jewish history is greatly involved in building of the Lonja Silk Exchange of Valencia city, which we discuss in our other Valencia City Tours.

This quaint village holds over 2000 years of treasures!

Tour Options for Sagunto: 

  • Half Day Sagunto
  • Half Day Sagunto with Roman Tapas Lunch
  • Full Day Sagunto with Caves of San Josep

Duration: (Please indicate on your booking form which version of this tour you would like)

  • Half Day: 5 hours 
  • Half Day with Roman Tapas Lunch (or similar): 6 hours
  • Full Day with Caves of Vall d’Uxo: 8 hours (See Vall d’Uixo Cave Tours for full details)

Meeting Point: Port, train or your lodging

This private tour includes our own private transport for you and your party and your private guide will pick you up in Valencia. You and your tour guide likely will have a cafe and quick snack on the shortest tour, the 5 hour tour. However, if you would like to venture to eat at a very special tavern, you will have a tasting menu of Roman era recipes (we can substitute for any allergy or if you prefer Spanish tapas).

This tour has some walking uphill. We aim to get you as close to the top of the mountain where the Jewish cemetary and Roman fort is, however you will still have to do some walking on a dirt terrain. Generally we get you to where the uphill walk is only 5 min. but it depends on traffic and road restrictions on the day, so please be aware and if you have very limited mobility, you may not be able to see everything to its fullest.

***For Port Pick Ups Only: Your private guide will meet you at the ‘Acciona Transmediterranea terminal’ at the cruise ship port, where your ship might be docking anyway. If you dock elsewhere, you will be at a pier a bit further away with restricted access for vehicles and private pick-ups. In this case, the port authorities will provide a shuttle bus, free of charge, that takes about 5 minutes to get to the Acciona Transmediterranea Terminal, which is the only place private pick-ups are allowed. Your guide will be waiting for you at the terminal with a sign in your name.


  • 4 people or fewer – Mercedes Class B (similar to a small SUV).
  • 4-6 people – Chrysler Grand Voyager with tinted windows, leather seats, and electric doors.
  • 7+ people – Private coach with a driver, in addition to your guide.

IMPORTANT NOTE (for groups of 6): In my larger touring car, the middle two seats are spacious and comfortable, and the back seat is a three-person bench seat that might be a tight squeeze for some. Before I can confirm a booking for six people with this vehicle, I will need confirmation that you understand this arrangement before I accept the booking. If you prefer, I would be happy to arrange a private coach and driver in addition to your guide. Please let me know that this is your preference when you submit your pre-booking form. 


Inclusions for all Sagunto Tour Options:

  • Private tour just for you and your party
  • Private Transport
  • Private passionate, friendly and knowledgeable guide in your requested language
  • Customizable Tour
  • Entrances to the Via Portico Museum, the Roman fort and theatre, archeological museum entrances, Casa de Berenguer housing the ruins of the Temple of Diana and the Jewish Mikveh
 Inclusions for 6 Hour Tour: 
  • Roman Tasting lunch with a glass of wine, beer or soft drink
Inclusions for Full-Day 8 hour tour
  • Boat Ride and entrances in the Caves of San Josep  in the Vall d’Uxo


  • Additional museum or monument entrances 
  • Extra Food and beverages (besides the 6 hour tour Roman Lunch Tasting option)
  • Souvenirs 
  • Gratuity (non obligatory)

*Please note that while every full day tour includes time for lunch, the price of lunch is not included in the price of the tour, as it will need to be paid directly to the restaurant on the day. We would be delighted to organize lunch for you at a local restaurant within your preferred budget. Your guide usually joins you at lunch to assist you with translating and ordering traditional and tasty choices but you can also opt to meet your guide after your meal has finished.